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Response Time

Businesses think email response time expectations differ from other mediums and that’s where they make a mistake. Customers dislike nothing more than long waiting times, and in fact, this can be the differentiating factor between you and your competitors.

When businesses do not respond to the email of their customers on time, they give the impression that the company doesn’t care about the consumers and do not respect their time – which is the exact opposite of what we want. A company that replies to sales queries first, can swoop in most of the sales. At ChatPandas, we do not underestimate the power of email support as a customer touch point and do not take days to reply to the customers.

Most of the customers rate quick responses as very important whenever they have a query. That is why we provide a response time for email within 15 minutes. We consider quick resolution of queries as one of the most important factors towards customer satisfaction.


First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution is a critical customer service benchmark and it measures the number of queries that were solved during the first interaction through an email. Providing higher FCR goes a long way in improving support efficacy and providing superior customer satisfaction.

Increasing First contact resolution means the customer does not have to go back and forth with their problem and it can be solved without escalations and follow ups. Updating knowledge banks, proactive listening by our ChatPandas, our customer centric attitude, out of the box solutions, problem solving mindset and extensive product knowledge enables us to achieve an FCR of 60%.

Satisfaction Score

Our customer interaction we have at ChatPandas has only one aim: To provide customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is so important to us that we have based the foundation of our organization on this motto. Our primary goal while writing and sending emails is customer satisfaction and happiness so you can bet that we take our satisfaction scores very seriously.

To provide customer satisfaction though email is an art and we have mastered it. We provide instant resolution of queries, write personalized emails, ask for follow-ups, send promotional emails, always keep that human touch and that has made us achieve 90% satisfaction score. We are proud of our ChatPandas who send emails containing happiness to your customers and collect feedback to consistently try to improve that score.


Net Promoter Score

Your happy customers are your walking brand ambassadors.

Few will negate the importance of word of mouth in marketing. Customers trust other customers more than you do and that’s why it is important to have loyal customers who will refer other customers to you. Not only do these customers increase your customer retention rate, they help you achieve new ones.

We know the power of consumer advocacy and hence regularly calculate our Net Promoter score. Our net promoter score ranges from 50-60. NPS is an indicator of business growth and customer satisfaction. Even the lifetime value of referred customer is 16% higher.


Resolution rate

Resolution rate helps you measure how well your customer service is performing as a whole, and also gauges the performance of each customer service agent individually. Our primary goal is to provide ‘resolution’ to customer service queries and this makes resolution rate all the more important.

When we calculate resolution rate, it also helps us understand the recommended time required to reach a resolution. We provide a 95% resolution rate which makes us way ahead of your competitors. By hiring ChatPandas, you’ll be assured that your customers are in safe hands. Providing solutions to your customers and is our number one aim and we work tirelessly to achieve it.

Quality and accuracy

It’s a hard task to provide fast resolutions, increase first contact resolution, maintain service level and yet find the exact answers the customer has been looking for. Our ChatPandas are industry leading experts with proactive listening, expert solutions and problem solving skills.

With our quality and accuracy metrics, we make sure to focus on efficacy in handling even the most complex conversations and create a better customer experience on all channels. We maintain standards and procedures that guides our ChatPandas to deliver the best outcomes tailored to your needs. We have managed to maintain a quality and accuracy rate of 90% which is higher than the industry average.


Email open rate

At ChatPandas, we not only specialize in email help desk support but can also assist you in top notch email marketing campaigns. With careful A/B testing of email templates on every platform, creating engaging and personalized content, we have been able to achieve a 35% email opening rate.

Instead of selling, we take the approach of engaging with the customers. We opt for personalized content and customized greeting and take the route of relevant and innovative messages in our email. Not only that, we also find out the ideal launching time and make sure our email do not reach the spam folder. It also includes updating your customers’ lists in light of received feedback regarding hard bounce rate.

Email click through rate

No email marketing campaign can be successful without calculating and optimizing email click through rate. Click through rate is a litmus test which evaluates whether the content and subject-line of the email has been relevant and interesting enough to grab the attention of the targeted audience. If we understand CTR, we understand the secret code behind the success of the email marketing campaign.

When we cross sell and upsell to our customers, we achieve a click through rate of 40% and while lead nurturing we have been able to achieve a CTR of 10%. We have been able to achieve a high click through rate because not only do we focus on factors like catchy subject lines, relevant content and call to action but we also focus on things which normally other businesses don’t consider – like the time of the email sent, position of the link, inclusion of graphic images and segmented targeting.


Agent utilization

While performance metrics are important, it is equally essential not to ignore workforce management metrics like agent utilization. Our ChatPandas are our biggest resource and we aim to utilize them to their full potential, with uncompromising work ethic, giving you the highest quality of customer experience.

Tracking utilization of agents helps us to improve productivity, improve our training modules, avoid overburdening staff and helps us make sure that we have enough staffing to handle the incoming influx of customer requests. We have maintained a great number of above 80% agent utilization so you can be rest assured that there is always someone to answer back to your customers providing happiness. We do cost benefit analysis to make sure we avoid understaffing and be prepared for an increase in traffic.

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