Customized Training Modules

Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t the training program be?

Our evaluation starts at the time of the hiring process as we assess individuals based on specific organizational knowledge and then determine which industry they are most suited for. We work hand in hand with our clients to acquire training material from them and analyze the data. If not, we understand their clientele and can even develop customised training material based on the requirements of their business.

We train our agents about customized greetings, the client’s ecosystem, escalation matrixes, KPIs and everything to empower employees with the skills they need to succeed in their new position. At the end of the training, we can guarantee that no one can tell that our agents have not been a part of your business.

  • Providing a seamless customer support experience
  • Creating the most satisfied customer base
  • Taking follow ups and generating leads
  • Providing technical support regarding software issues

Determining Training Phases

Why do we develop training phases?

Our training program includes phases with specific time frames and step by step guides for agents on how they can perform better. Our comprehensive training plan gives agents a complete picture of how they transition from a trainee to a superstar on the floor.

Developing our hiring and training phases and our constant re-evaluation of processes and tasks help us gauge the aptitude of every employee after every phase and ensure the inefficient ones are removed and the best ones are here to stay. We develop steps and phases to train agents in a comprehensive way before they can go live.


Etiquette And Soft Skills Training

Sweat more in training. Bleed less in battle.

We make sure soft skills and communication etiquette are taught to every trainee, which is the foundation good service is built on. Our training programs not only focus on direct skills related to product knowledge but also on soft skills like communication, requirement for a cultural change within the service, incorporating leadership, management, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility.

We teach our trainees the importance of clear communication, empathetic responses, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, empathetic responses and how these skills speed up resolution time and help customer satisfaction.

Motivational And Engaging Sessions

All work and no play makes dull agents.

Motivational sessions that keep our ChatPandas energized and upbeat is an integral part of our culture. At Chat Pandas, refresher and reinforcement sessions are conducted on regular basis to emphasize on day-to-day practices important for optimal performance while performing their job.

We use different activities, motivational sessions and methods to keep the sessions uplifting and appealing. We do not believe in merely teaching our employees, we believe in involving them and training sessions are the stepping stone of their continuous participation in the organization.


Hands On Training Practice

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra practice.

Our training program incorporates role plays, mock calls and chats to mimic real life scenarios and to empower our trainees with as much practical experience as possible. We provide case studies, excerpts from real customer interactions and simulations which not only empower trainees to build better skills but this also give them a safe space for to learn from their mistakes.

Our state-of-the-art hands on training methodology includes call recordings, mock practice sessions, video and audio tutorials, simulations and story-telling techniques to include practical experience for agents.

Continuous Learning

Do you know the best training methodology for call centers? Don’t stop training.

The limitation of most training programs are when they are conducted for a specific time period only and then agents are left on their own. We consistently observe performance of our new trainees and continue to provide a learning ecosystem even after the training period ends. With every new insight learned from each customer interaction, we come up with better ways to communicate with customers.

We look at the future. Our ChatPandas keep themselves abreast of technological innovations in CX and learn customer behavioral psychology, sensibilities and preferences.

Excellent training only begins when it never ends!


Meaningful. Personal. Human.

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